Swim Over The English Channel?



Able to swim 32 km in just 6 hours 33 minutes and 17 seconds in open water?

But they did it!

According to seabike.com the final testing of men’s power and Seabike design brilliantly engineered in Russia was done successfully by Yevgeny Khaboarov and Yevgeny Ostrovsky.

Two Russian athletes swam non-stop at a distance of 32 km in open water. This distance is pretty equal to the width of the English Channel in a certain place where Seabike.com is planning to organize an event this year.

Fantastic! Well done guys and everyone who made this result possible!

Is it for athletes only? Not at all! Anyone can swim like a champ at a speed of 1.0 – 2.2 m/sec as nearly maximum.

This new must-have water fun gear is used world-wide. What are some main features gained by the Seabike enthusiasts? Here they are:

  • This is a technologically advanced man-powered pedal bike for rapid movements on and underwater surface
  • It gives some new degree of freedom for divers as it helps to significantly save the air for breathing underwater up to 50%
  • It has been designed by swimming and diving professionals for enthusiasts aiming to let people have a feeling of flight in the water, to be able to become well fit and swim like a Champ!

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Swim Over The English Channel?
Swim Over The English Channel?

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